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Free Certificate included. English or Español Course.

Our Parenting Class for Divorce in Van Zandt County, Canton, Texas is a 4 hour Parent Education and Family Stabilization class. Our class is easy to do, Mobile Friendly, audio narrated, meets requirements set forth in Texas Family Code 105.009.

Court Acceptance- Guaranteed. This Texas Parent Education and Family Stabilization online course meets the requirements set forth by the State of Texas.

Choose this divorce parenting class for the following places: Ben Wheeler, Callender Lake, Canton, Edgewood, Edom, Fruitvale, Grand Saline, Martin's Mill, Myrtle Springs, Van, Wills Point and surrounding areas.

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The course includes information on the following issues:

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When parents break up in the State of Texas, Texas Statute Sec 105.009 states the court may require both parents to complete a course like ours if deemed in the best interest of the child. We've helped over half a million people get their required certificate- and helped them learn new ways to work through a difficult time of their lives- let us help you benefit from our decades of experience helping people just like you.

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Free Certificate included. English or Español Course.

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Now in our 28th year!

Since 1990 over 28 years of service

Since 1990 over 500,000 individuals have successfully received their Court Ordered Parenting Course certificates through Education Programs.

What Students Learned

Here are unedited random quotes from among our over half million successful students:

I have learned that my child is always first before anyone else. Every decision I make in life is going to affect my daugther. She needs to know that both parents love her more than anything and that will never change!
That good communication with the other parent is an important part of raising our child as "parents forever" and how we treat the other parent may reflect on how our child feels about themself being that they are a part of both parents.
This course reinforced much of what I already knew. But I did not realize that second marriages are more likely to fail than first marriages. I'll keep that in mind moving forward.